club kushi
first night off in a while so enjoying a read of the fault in our stars πŸ’« thanks @milb0 πŸ’• ps we totally have a no pet policy but I had to make an exception for nacho πŸ™ˆ they make good company when you’re reading a book πŸ˜‹
totally forgot that these arrived in the mail for me 😍 little but bummed tho didn’t realise I got them both in grey but it’s whatevs 🍭 So tempting not to wear it until her concert πŸ˜‹Come at me #bangerstour πŸ‘…πŸ”¨
#welometogodscountry πŸ™
last stop! couldn’t resist these mouth watering donuts 🍩
Sneaky game of aqua golf on the way home 😎
lunch for breakfast? I think so! then time to hit the road ✌️ (at Coogee Yeeros Cafe)
morning trip to coogee for some good feed πŸ‘
anyone know where i can download tv shows and movies for free and easy?
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missed my furry little angel so so much she is so sassy and such a qt πŸ’–
Officially a black street veterinarian 😎 #animalscomeatme πŸš‘
went beanie crazy! ❄️ #RuFauxReal ✌️
Mac the midget calf he’s so cute πŸ™Š
made a Mexican bean wrap and ofc can’t forget dat guac and chips to go with it πŸ’ƒ #foodporn

Costume National Homme AW12.13